GoodNotes | 2021 Digital Planner with covers, stickers & notebooks (bestseller! ✨)

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🚀 This 2021 Digital Planner has been awarded by GoodNotes team as one of the best digital planners!

"This is a team favorite, featuring an effective, aesthetic, and well-thought out design." - GoodNotes Team



Get the most out of 2021 with this beautifully designed GoodNotes digital planner. This digital dated planner has everything you need to manage all your aspects of your personal and business life! 🙂 From setting daily goals, planning weeks and months from multiple perspectives, to managing complex and time-consuming projects.

👀 What included?

  • yearly calendar

  • monthly planner

  • weekly planner

  • daily planner

  • notes (4 paper styles)

  • backlog cards

  • 4 covers (3d style)

  • 123 stickers and more

  • user guides

📗 All your plans in one place

You can plan each of your tasks in the period of time you choose. This planner includes an annual calendar and monthly, weekly and daily pages so you can plan as much or as little detail as needed.

🎨 The best design and user experience

We designed every detail of the planner with great accuracy to make planning effective, but also very pleasant and intuitive. Before launching the planner on the market, we did several user tests to be sure of its highest quality.

🧿 Clean interface and easy navigation

This planner contains not only hyperlinks with dated monthly, weekly and daily layouts, but also a special menu with links to notebook, stickers, backlog and covers that is available from anywhere in the planner.

📜 Not only a planner, but also few types of notebooks

If your day is not only about making a simple to-do list but also sketching, taking notes and drawing diagrams then this planner will surprise you very positively. Several notebook styles and a special sketch section in monthly, weekly and daily views are the things that the best digital planner must include.

🎁 Personalization of the planner to your needs

123 stickers and 5 covers in 3d style will allow you to personalize your planner in many ways. Take pleasure in organizing all your things in a planner that can adapt to you.

🔮 Write down everything you want to do in the future

This planner is the only one with a "backlog" section where you can save your goals and tasks that you would like to do in the future. Save and back to the task when the best time comes.


The planner includes definitely more than you think:

1️⃣ Dated Pages: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily dated planning pages with hyperlinks for easy navigation (monday start). Each page contains many sections such as: Main Focus, Priorities, Notes & Sketch Area and many more.

2️⃣ Notebooks: 4 styles of notebooks that are perfect for taking notes but also for sketching or drawing diagrams

3️⃣ Colorful covers: 5 unique covers with a 3d element that you can change in a very simple way, making your notebook unique.

4️⃣ Stickers: 123 stickers divided into several categories. With the "Lasso" option you can use them wherever you want.

5️⃣ Someday section: Backlog for your tasks that you want to do in the future, but you don't know exactly when.

6️⃣ User guides: Learn about the planner's functions and start plan in the most effective way.


Over 2,500 people can't be wrong:

"I've used a lot of digital planners before but haven't seen a planner so well designed. I start every day with this planner!"


"This planner is awesome! I already know that I will buy the next version for 2022!"


"Navigating this planner is a unique experience. In my previous planner, it took much longer to find the right page. Here, every page has a link to the week, month and all the extras!"


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GoodNotes | 2021 Digital Planner with covers, stickers & notebooks (bestseller! ✨)

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